Semiconductor Test Evaluation Equipment in San Jose, Ca

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Credence Quartet One - Mixed-Signal Test System - Mfg. Information

  • Brand: Credence
  • Serial No.: DX000432
  • Reid Ashman Test Head Manipulator
    • Model No.: OM11015LA
    • Serial No.: 104
    • Manufacture Date: 12-22-00
  • Tecktronix 2465B
    • 400MHZ
  • Sun Microsystems Computer
    • Model No.: CPD-4410
    • Manufacture Date: Nov 1999
  • Sun Keyboard
    • Model: 5C
    • Class: B
  • One AC Power Unit
    • Model: CDR451
    • Part No.: CDR451-QRT
    • Serial No.: 0046-8492
  • Hewlett Packard Logic 165000 Analysis System
    • Serial No.: 072-12462

Teradyne Catalyst KCS Registration Tool Kit

No.: 806-303-00
Weight when full: Approximately 90 lbs

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Serial No.: HLA93G101
DOT No.: 4L200
TW: 338
PIC: 2300
MFG Date: 07/93

Coolwell Chiller, GS Blue M Convection Lab Oven and and Deprag Screw Insert Station

Coolwell Chiller

  • Model No.: SE-061A
  • Serial No.: SE-8021003
  • Refrigeration: R22
  • 115V
  • 60 HZ
  • Single Phase
  • 15 Amps
GS Blue M Convection Lab Oven
  • Model No.: SW-17TA-1
  • Serial No.: SW-6230
  • Temp Range: 200°C/392°F
  • 120 V
  • 60 HZ
  • Single Phase
  • Line 1 & Line 2: 13 Amps
Deprag 1522-ES-2 Screw Insert Station
  • Type: 1522-ES-2
  • Serial No.: 878311
  • 115 V
  • 60 HZ
  • 130A


Despatch Ecosphere HFC Refrigerant

Model No.: EC605
Serial No.: 160424
Temp Range: 68° to 177° C without humidity / 4° to 85° C with humidity
Refrigerant: R404A

Agilent Power Supply Rack with

Power Ten Inc. SCR Power Supply

SCR Power Supply Unit

Seiko Epson Controller SRC-200

Serial No.: 11046
Manufacture Date: September 95

(3) Computer Monitors, Dell Dimension Tower, Brother MSC8300 Fax Copy Printer

Ransco Thermal Shock Chamber

Model: 7103-1
Serial No.: 3439
Temperature Range: 73°C-200°C


Model No.: 43855A
Serial No.: 2317A00830

Ransco Despatch Thermal Shock Bath

Model No.: 7205
Serial No.: 5086
Manufacture Date: Dec 1985

Seiko Epson SRC-200

Mfg. Date:

Trio Tech HAST 6000X
Mfg. Express Test Corporation

Serial No.: 2502-1
Cert No.: 21520
Volume: 7.62
Max Pressure: 65 PSIG
Manufacture Date: 06-24-92
208 V
10 KVA
50 Amp
60 HZ
Weight 950


DAMAC Computer Server Cabinet

Dimensions: 6' H x 25" W x 35" D

Tenney Temperature and Humidity Cycling Chamber

Model No.: TT-100350
Serial No.: 8506-4

Server/Power Supply Cabinet with Wavecrest Communication Signal Analyzer

Model No.: DTS-2077
DC T2 2.5Gbs

Server Cabinet Includes:

(2) TDK EMI Lambda TCR 20T250 Power Supplies

(2) TCR Power Supply GX21
Dell Dimension XPS T550 with monitor and keyboard

Thermonics Precision Temperature Forcing System

Model No.: T-2500BE
Serial No.: 004-100

Four Oven Despatch

Single Oven Chip Burner with  Blue M Environmental Chamber

Model No.: FRM-256B
Serial No.: FRM-043
Temperature: 18°C-93°C
280 V
Single Phase
60 HZ
Max Amps 22

Blue M Single Oven Chip Burner

Model No.: B1-16F
Serial No.: P41-536
Volts: 208-240

Blue M Single Oven Chip Burner

Criteria XV Burn-In Chip Burner Oven - Manufactured by Reliability, Inc.

Includes TCR Power Supply and SCR Power Supply

Blue M Double Chip Burner Oven

HRS: 15766

Power Supply Rack

TCR Power Supplies XZ
IBM Personal Computer

Trio-Tech/Express Test 244S Humidity Pressurized Test System / Autoclave

Model No.: ET 244S
Serial No.: 721370-1
Max Pressure: 65 PSIG
Volume: 220 VAC
Power: 2.5 KVA
Manufacture Date: March 1995
Weight: 220 Lbs

Reliability Inc. Criteria  Burn-In System - Number 4

Includes TCR Power Supply X2

TSK UF3000 Probe Tester

Blue M Environmental Test Chamber

Model No.: ETC-09DG
Serial No.: 9908-ETC-160

Tenney High Temp Storage Test Oven

Tokyo Electron LTD. Wafer Prober 

Model No.: P-8
Serial No.:PA02539
Manufacture Date: Aug 1996

Legacy Chiller System

Legacy Air Cooled Chiller - Model PACT120S2-T3-Z -  Mfg. Information

Serial No.: D05L0605
208-230 V
3 Phase
60 HZ




Serial No.: D05L0605
208-230 V
3 Phase
60 HZ

Chip Board Cart with (2)  Fluke PM2812 programmable power supplies, Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer and more

Dimensions: 35" L x 45" H x 24" D
30V / 10A / 60W

Chip Board Cart andFluke PM 2534 System Multimeter

Dimensions: 35" L x 45" H x 24" D

HP Testmobile Instrument Cart with

  • Hewlett Packard 54120A Digitizing Oscilloscope Mainframe - Serial No.: 2734A
  • Hewlett Packard 54122A DC to 12.4 GHZ Four Channel Test Set - Serial No.: 3051A00270
Testmobile Cart Dimension: 25" L x 28" W x 41.5" H

HP Mobile Test Cart Model 1181A -  Dimensions: 25.25" L x 29" W x 31"

HP 16500A Logic Analysis System - Serial No.: 2650A

HP 8643A Synthesized Signal Generator - Serial No.: 3512A01350

  • 0.26-1030 MHZ
  • OPT: H02 K01
  • Mainline
    • 100 V - 240 V
    • 50-60 HZ
    • 350 Va Max
    • Fuse: 6.0A
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