Second of Five Equipment Blowout Auctions in West Sacramento, California

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Surveyor Equipment

(9 ) Survey Tri-pods
(6 ) Survey Sticks
Spectra-Physics Tool; Model No: 961
Laser Alignment Inc. LB-2 Model No: 3900

Contents of 10' Long Shelf

(5 ) "Stop" and "Slow" Signs
Tyvek Suits
Hard hats
Silicone Rubber Sealant
Ardex Feather Finish
Dynaflex 230
Much More

Contents of 10' Long Shelf

Hilti 27 Cal. Short Powder Guns
(3) Boxes of Griprite Nails
Box of Drywall Screws
Simpson Strong-tie .27 Cal 10-Shot Strips
(4) Boxes of Grabber Construction Screws 1 1/4"
Crown Bolt 1 3/4" Wood Screws
2 1/4" Square Drive Trim Head Screws
Full Box Senco 2 1/2" Finish Nails
Much More

Contents of 10' Long Shelf

(14 ) 5 LB Containers of Straight Line Marking Chalk in the following colors:

  • (5 ) Blue
  • (5 ) Red
  • (2) Yellow
  • (2) White

(15 ) Rolls of Contruction Caution/Warning Tape
(3 ) Boxes of remington 1" Power Fasteners
Hilti Powder Nails
(2 ) Boxes of Gun-Grade Polyurethane Sealant
(8 ) Caulking Guns
Much More

Contents of Area

Bucket of Sodium Sulfate
(2) Buckets of Greenlee Poly Line
(2) Boxes of 6" Hex Head
Box of 9" Hex Head
(3) Boxes of 12" Hex Head
(2) Boxes of 8" Wall Hex Head with 1x1 Cones

(5) Construction Floor Lamps

Suitable for wet conditions.

Contents of Shelf

Box of Cat 5e Cable
(3 ) Boxes of Schlage Vestibule/Classroom Locks
Boxes of F-Mort HVYWTSTL Door Hinges
4.5 x 4.5 Electric Door Hinges Model No: 1108
Several Boxes of American Egal Lock Co. Door Closers
Several Boxes of Assorted Door Lock Parts

Contentes of Cupboard

(30 ) Assorted Sawzall Blades
(10 ) Assorted Boxes of Screws
Wood Core Drill Bits
(4) Boxes of Hilti Washers
(3) Glass Suction Cup Handles
High Torque Driver and Bit Set
Small Dewalt Drill Bit Set

Crate with Blow Torch Hoses and Cutter

(4) Tri-Poxy Lined Steel Sprayers

Model No: 159-1807WC
Capacity: 3.0 Gallons
(3) Manufactured by White Cap
(1) Chapin Industrial 3.5-Gallon Viton

Contents of Work Bench

(3) 14-piece Deep Impact Socket Sets
Jumper Cables
Ridgid Spiral Reamer
Box of Assorted Drill Bits (Some still in package)
"Oversized" Tarps
Several 7 1/4" Brand New Skil Saw Blades
(3) Drywall T-Squares
"Women" Restroom Signs
Box of Lock Parts
(2) Ashcroft Dura gauges
Husky 39104 Adjustable Wrench

Large Lot of Construction Lights with Tri-pods

Contents of Cabinet

Buckets of 890 FTS Field Tintable Silicone
Box of .035" Intershield NR-211-MP
Drill Handler
Right Angle Grinder Disks
205P NEMA Locking Plug
(2) Boxes of nails and screws
2.98 L Can of Benzona 5811
Many Air-Hose Attachments
Socket Set

7 Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches and Welding Clamps

Sizes: 14" to 36"
Various brands

Bucket of 3/8" Cable Clamps

(3) Buckets / Bins with of Angle Grinder Wheels and Brushes

Various sizes and styles

Approximately 13 Clamps in Box

C Clamps
Various styles, manufacturers and styles

Chainsaw Blades

Size: 20" to 24"

Simpson EDT22AP Pneumatic Epoxy Gun

Model No: EDT22AP

(4) Pallets and Slab Grabbers

(8) Containment Barrels and (1) Secondary Containment Pallet

(7) Containment Barrels

(5) Containment Barrels

(3) Pallets of Scaffold Brackets

Lot of Scaffolding Beams, Planks, Plywood and more


  • (1) Pallet 4'x4' Plywood - 1 1/8" thick
  • (1) Stack of 2" x 10" scaffolding planter
  • Various beams and timbers
  • (1) Banded stack of 2" x 12"s

Large Wooden Box Full of Ellis Clamps

Box dimensions: 4' x 4' x 4'

(9) Stacks of Plywood

(8) Stacks of 2' x 8' plywood - 3/4" thick
(1) Stack of 4' x 8' plywood - 3/4" thick

Contents of (27) Barrels


  • Hairpins
  • Shore Caps
  • Ellis Clamps
  • Suprotek Nylon Scaffold Feet
  • and More


Contents of (48) Barrels


  • Ellis Clamps
  • Pickle Forks
  • Hair Pins

Pallet of Scaffold Brackets

Pallet of Green Scaffold Brackets

(4) Storage Frames of Scaffold Forms

(5) Portable Wash Stations and (2) Electric Service Boxes

Includes bundle of stakes

Gar-Bro Concrete Bucket, set up for Skytrack Lift

Gross Weight: 2,800 LBS
Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 53" tall

Item No: 1/2TDTRAK
DWG No: 92-10
Shop No: 8257-A

Gar-Bro Concrete Bucket, set up for Skytrack Lift

Gross Weight: 2,800 LBS
Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 53" tall
Item No: 1/2TDTRAR
DWG No: 92-10
Shop No: 9459-B

Heavy Duty Flat Cart

Dimensions: 4'W x 9' 8"L

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