Non-Contact Thermometers, Instant Hand Sanitizer, KN95 Masks, & 2-Ply Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket

Lot #0500: (5,000) 2-Ply Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket

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(5,000) 2-Ply Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket

  • Quantity: 5,000 Masks

2-Ply Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket: These Cotton Masks are designed to fit almost any size Jr to Adult sized face. The Mask is a Two Ply 100% Cotton construction with an open pocket available to insert a filter into to add an additional level of protection to Mask Wearing. The concept of this re-usable mask is that everyone in your Family, all Employees in your Business, Your customers, Your Fans, and just all of us have 5 to 10 of these masks and can be used in a manner almost like Underwear or socks. You wear a mask each day and that day's mask goes into the wash. You would in concept rotate 5 to 10 masks so that each day you have a nice fresh mask for the day. It is also very handy to have multiple masks in multiple locations, the car, desk, bike, motorcycle etc. Another benefit is that the mask gets softer and more comfortable each time it is washed and dried. We all know by now how the disposable masks feel after just a few minutes of being worn! So plan ahead and make sure all the people in your sphere have 5, 10, or 20 of these masks available so you always have a fresh one on.

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2-Ply Cotton Mask

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KN95 Masks & Disposable Medical Mask

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