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Item #0031: 2015 John Deere 27G

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Description: Open Operator Station, Control Pattern Changer, Swing Boom, Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing, Backfill Blade, 12 in Rubber Tracks, 12" Digging Bucket , New CP main pin  hydraulic thumb.  The machine is in very good condition, all main components are in place and operational. 3,446 hours.

Control Station:

Seats/Armrests  Operational ✔
Hydraulic Controls.  Operational ✔
Drivetrain Controls  Operational ✔
Exterior Lights Operational  Operational ✔
Engine Warning Lights  Operational ✔
Gauges  Operational ✔
The main components are in place and operational


Starter   Operational ✔
Fuel System   Operational ✔
Exhaust System   Operational ✔
Radiator   Operational ✔
Oil Leaks    None seen ✔
Fuel Leaks    None seen ✔
Cooling System Leaks     None seen ✔


The hydraulic system is in good condition. Pumps (Hydraulics)   Operational ✔ Valves   Operational ✔
Hydraulic Tank   Operational ✔
Hoses (Hydraulics)   Operational ✔
Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing   Operational ✔
Boom Swing   Operational ✔
Boom Lift Cylinder   Operational ✔
Stick Cylinder   Operational ✔
Bucket Cylinder   Operational ✔


The Drivetrain system is fully operational and in very good condition 2 speed.
Works smooth in forward and reverse.
Drive Motors -Operational ✔
Final Drives   Operational ✔
Tracks- worn fram.


All main components are in place and  operational
Boom Condition   Operational ✔
Stick Condition   Operational ✔
Swing Tower   Operational ✔
Boom Base Pin and Bushings   Operational ✔
Pin and Bushings Boom to Stick   Operational ✔
Pin and Bushings Stick to Bucket   Operational ✔
Turn-Table Bearing   Operational ✔
Bottom Covers   Operational ✔
Roller Frames   Operational ✔


Excavator Bucket and Teeth  Operational ✔
Blade Condition  Operational ✔

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