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Asset Management Services

West Auctions is a full-service asset management company, assisting financial institutions, companies, corporations and individuals with all aspects of asset management.

We specialize in commercial personal property and real estate, with comprehensive services that cover everything from asset recovery and valuation to legal support, negotiations and asset sales.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make good decisions and then help you implement your choice.

With more than 40 years of asset management experience, West Auctions delivers reliable advice and proven solutions.

We offer a range of services and service levels to support your specific asset management needs.


Before deciding on a course of action, it is critical to first determine the overall value and marketability of the assets involved. Depending on your needs, West Auctions offers different valuation services. – Learn more...

  • E-Valuations. Also known as a desktop appraisal, West Auctions provides a convenient online tool for property owners who are interested in the immediate market value of their assets.
  • Certified Appraisals. Our preeminent valuation tool, certified appraisals are prepared by expert appraisers, written to a uniform standard, and supported by an professional presentation and analysis of relevant data.


Often, one of the first things our clients need is for us to quickly and efficiently locate, recover, and secure their assets. In addition to verifying the existence of assets, we also assess their overall condition and ensure their safety. Asset recovery also includes such services as arranging moving and storage.


Once a decision is made to proceed with an asset sale, you can depend on West Auctions to handle all of the arrangements. From market research to advertising, logistics, data management, bidder relations, payment, asset removal and accounting - we do it all. - Learn more...

  • Online Auctions. We have been conducting online auctions for 10 years and have found them to be very successful for our clients.
  • Onsite/Live Auctions. Our first one was in 1964 and we are still doing them today. Some situations are well suited to onsite auctions and some of our clients just prefer them.
  • Bulk Lot Sales. Because of time constraints or other factors, some situations call for a bulk sale, where all assets are sold to a single buyer with the highest bid.
  • Ongoing Business. In some cases the best option is to sell the assets as part of on ongoing business.
  • Private-Treaty/Negotiated Sales. When appropriate, West Auctions representatives seek out and conduct negotiations with potential buyers. Fielding private offers until the best possible deal is brokered for our client under the given circumstances.
  • Retail Liquidation. West Auctions manages in-place liquidation of retail inventory, going out of business, and discounted sales.


Whichever method of sale is decided upon, the West Auctions advertising team has an array of tools and techniques to ensure that your sale has the widest possible audience of serious buyers. From direct marketing to bulk mailings, targeted emailings and print advertising, we use our extensive experience and knowledge in this area to get the word out to the people who matter.


When a sale is conducted by West Auctions we manage the buyer invoicing and payments then promptly provide you with a full accounting of all transactions.


Our clients count on West Auctions to represent their interests when we negotiate with interested parties from landlords to buyers.


Unique details and obstacles arise in almost every disposition case. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to help you profit from these details where it is possible and minimize the associated losses where it is not.


Each of our clients has a different set of needs. Some clients expect us to handle all of the details, from recovering, inventorying, and photographing the assets to overseeing the removal period after the sale. Other clients prefer to manage some of those details themselves.